Friday, September 3, 2010

Lyxor ETF WIG20 - the first ETF coming to Warsaw Stock Exchange

Lyxor Asset Management, a division of Societe Generale Group, plans to launch the first Polish ETF (Exchange Traded Fund) in September.

Lyxor ETF WIG20 will track movements of 20 biggest Polish stocks included in the main index of the Warsaw Stock Exchange - WIG20.

Key parameters:
  • quoted on the WSE
  • price = WIG20 * 1/10
  • 0,5% annual management fee
  • selling short?

Introduction of this ETF may allow implementation of some arbitrage strategies using either stocks or index futures. Especially if ETF's tracking error will be noticeable, what can happen in times of higher volatility.

see presentation about the ETF:

more information:

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