Saturday, April 23, 2011

Is software the real bottleneck?

"The real bottleneck is software. Creating software can be done only the old-fashioned way. A human—sitting quietly in a chair with a pencil, paper, and laptop—is going to have to write the codes, line for line, that make these imaginary worlds come to life. One can mass-produce hardware and increase its power by piling on more and more chips, but you cannot mass-produce the brain."
Michio Kaku "The Physics of the Future"

It's true that currently all the software is created in the old fashioned way - i.e written by humans. However, the whole idea of artificial intelligence and singularity is closely connected with changing that.

The goal is to allow machines (or rather software powering them) to improve themselves by analyzing and changing the initial code written by people.

It is about machine learning and machine adaptation (you should replace software for machine in both cases).

As software code becomes even longer and more complex, another software layers piling upon themselves, hardware gets more powerful allowing implementation of more advanced algorithms, the number of connections in various kinds of networks grows, people will have increasing problem with keeping pace with all these changes.

They will have to allow software to modify itself. And the bottleneck mentioned by Michio Kaku should disappear at the dawn of singularity...

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