Friday, September 23, 2011


Over the last nearly three years researches at CERN have been observing some interesting discrepancies in time it takes neutrinos to travel between laboratories in Switzerland and Italy.

The difference is very tiny - just 60.7 ns (equivalent to 17,77 meters at c) on a distance of 731,278 meters which translates into a 0.0000248 difference in the speed of light. In other words, the measured speed of neutrinos is 292,799.3 km/s instead of 292,792 km/s, or 7 kilometers per second larger.

Even though the physicists at CERN spent significant time on verification of their surprising measurements, its too early to declare the result definitive. It definitely requires verification at other laboratories.

But if it is confirmed, this tiny rift can transform into huge hole in the contemporary physics.

BTW: In 2008, researches from Fermilab published results of their MINOS experiment, in which the speed of neutrinos was measured at +0.000051, or 299,807.3 - 15 kilometers per second larger than c. However, the possible error was much higher than in the case of OPERA in CERN.

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