Thursday, March 1, 2012

Eurogeddon week 1

The Eurozone collapse scenario fund Eurogeddon started just a week ago.

Today we get the first real weekly performance reading for it.

And it doesn't look very good.

Over the recent week the fund went down by -4.01%.

Don't get confused by the reported overall result of +29.30%. It is just a residue resulting from the creation of the Eurogeddon on the basis of the previous long biased fund called Universa-plus, which was +34.70% at the moment it was transformed into Eurogeddon.

A single data point is definitely too little to judge the project, but it gives a hint of variability you may expect from the fund.

BTW: I'm just reading a special report from Phoenix Capital Research about the potential implosion of the US debt market. Paradoxically its quite important in the context of the Eurogeddon strategy. The fund plans to safeguard its assets by investing them in the US treasuries. But while both Mr. Rybiński, who is the initiator of Eurogeddon, and Phoenix see the major market collapse, Phoenix's scenario assumes  a huge jump in the US interest rates that would automatically translate into corresponding fall of the US bonds prices...

UPDATE 2012-03-02: my comment on Mr. Rybiński's blog (in Polish)

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