Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Are the new iPad sales slowing?

Chart: Analysis of the iPad 3 U.S. adoption as of 2012-04-11
(based on Chitika data)

The 3rd generation iPad was released on March 16th, 2012. Apple announced that it sold 3 million units of its new tablet in the first weekend since launch (although it is not clear whether this number includes global or U.S. sales only).

After the first weekend, when Apple announced it sold 3 million new iPads, the U.S. adoption rate according to Chittika stood at 5.358%:

Chart: iPad 3 U.S. adoption after the first weekend

Since then, the U.S. adoption rate increased to around 9.1%, or some 70%.

Nevertheless, as you can see on the first chart, it seems the growth dynamics may be slowing down or flattening.

This may be connected with a number of technical problems that haunt the new Apple's device, including:

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